Webinar: Balancing Aviation Safety and Visual Impact: ADLS in Germany; 21st June 2021

Due to the projected expansion of wind farms and increase in tower heights the wind industry is required to deal with the visual impact of turbines and concomitant issues of obstruction lighting.

Germany is the first European country to make Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) mandatory for all wind turbines requiring obstruction markings – prescribed by law until 31 December 2022 for onshore wind farms and 31 December 2023 for offshore wind farms. All technologies, primary radar, passive radar, and transponder, can be used. Get an insight into the “German solution” for marking of aviation obstacles:

  • Learn how Germany balances aviation safety and the visual impact of wind turbine lighting
  • Hear why Germany chose ADLS as a “smart form of obstacle lighting” for wind turbines
  • Learn about the challenges and solutions related to the legal obligation of using ADLS
  • Find out more about the legislative framework: ICAO - Germany
  • Get a clear picture of the approval process in Germany


Date: 21st June 2021

Time: 11:00 - 12:30 a.m. CEST

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Welcome, Moderation and technical Advice on the Webinar

Dorothee Baxmann, Senior Projekt Manager, BWE e.V.


ADLS in Germany: Past, Present and Future

  • Why ADLS? Starting Point and Goals
  • The General Administrative Regulation on the Marking of Aviation Obstacles
  • Legal Obligation of using ADLS in Germany: Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Oliver Frank, Spokesperson of BWE’s Working Group “Marking of Aviation Obstacles”, Attorney at Law, Engemann & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB


Round of Questions


Aircraft Detection Lighting System – Implementation Process in Germany

  • Legislative Framework
    • ICAO
    • Germany
  • Safety Case ADLS in Germany
    • Traffic Analysis of affected Stakeholders
    • Risk Analysis
  • Implementation Process Germany
    • System Certification
    • Local Installation

Dr. Ferdinand Behrend, Advisor ICAO Visual Aids Working Group, Notified Body for ACLS Certification in Germany


Round of Questions


Closing Remarks

Dorothee Baxmann, Senior Project Manager, BWE e.V.

Get an update on the German solution for ADLS and the regulative processes involved in installing the system.