Dr. Ferdinand Behrend Advisor ICAO Visual Aids Working Group bei Notified Body for ACLS Certification in Germany

Dr Ferdinand Behrend is working as a consultant in the area of flight operations and air traffic control. He is a former air traffic control operator from the DFS, holding a PhD degree in aeronautical engineering. Furthermore, he works as a scientific flight instructor and flight test engineer for the Lufthansa Aviation Training operating all Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft types. He is an advisor in the ICAO visual aids working group and has a leading role implementing the transponder-based aircraft detection system in Germany.

Stand 22.06.2021
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Due to the projected expansion of wind farms and the increase in tower height, the wind industry is required to deal with the visual impact and concomitant issues of obstruction lighting for wind turbines.
WEB INT 21-81-01