Katelyn Huber Project Leader, Product Life Cycle bei LM Windpower A/S

Katelyn Huber joined the wind power industry in 2014, working in LM Wind Power's Global Communications and Sustainability team at the company’s headquarters in Denmark. Until recently she was responsible for driving the company's internal and external communication strategy for the wind turbine blade sustainability and carbon neutrality programs.
In 2020, Katelyn took on a new position as Product Life Cycle Leader, managing strategic engineering projects that advance sustainability throughout the wind turbine blade life cycle - from materials and design, to manufacturing, operation and decommissioning. Katelyn represents LM Wind Power in sustainability and circularity related cross-industry forums and projects, including the WindEurope Sustainability Working Group.

Stand 11.10.2021
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Wind turbine blades are challenging to recycle due to the composite materials used in their production. The wind industry is required to deal with this problem.
INT 21-65-01