Sam Johnson Chair IEC committee to develop an international standard for marking and obstruction lights of wind energy convertors and wind farms; Aviation Manager and Project Technical Analyst UK & Ireland bei RES Group (UK)

Sam is the Aviation Manager for Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. Her responsibilities include resolving radar and aviation issues for the RES wind farm developments and supporting the implications at all stages of the project lifecycle. Sam is also the Convener of the IEC Lighting and Marking Standard group, member of the RenewableUK Aviation Working Group and Wind Europe Aviation Task Force, Vice Chair of the Aviation Investment Fund Company Limited and member of the Offshore Wind Industry Council Aviation Task Force.

Stand 23.09.2021
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Due to the projected expansion of wind farms and the increase in tower height, the wind industry is required to deal with the visual impact and concomitant issues of obstruction lighting for wind turbines.
WEB INT 21-81-01