Recycling of Rotor Blades


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09:30 Uhr

Welcome and Introduction

09:40 Uhr

Overview European waste legislation and land-fill ban initiative on decommissioned turbine blades

  • Around 25,000 tonnes of blades to reach the end of their operational life annually by 2025
  • Several industry-leading companies announced ambitious plans for blade recycling and recovery
  • Short overview over the current European waste legislation
  • A land-fill ban would further accelerate the development of sustainable recycling technologies for composite materials
10:10 Uhr

Requirement for the disposal and recycling of rotor blades

  • Recycling of rotor blades: Disposal and recovery of all GRP components
  • Requirements for the separation process and the recycling of GRP parts
  • Higher-value recycling
  • Insights into the development of industry standards
  • Mika Lange, Leiter Entsorgung GFK / CFK, neowa GmbH
10:40 Uhr

"Real-time walk" via video through a plant recycling GRP

10:55 Uhr


11:05 Uhr

Cross-industry partnerships to scale up composite recycling

  • Accelerating the transition to a circular economy for wind turbine blades through innovative projects and partnerships
  • How blade manufacturers are working with the full value chain to scale up sustainable recycling solutions
11:35 Uhr

Composite using sectors: Reutilisation of cement extracted by processing of rotor blades

  • Accelerating circular and low carbon solutions: New ways of recycling wind blades as construction material to build new wind farms
  • Material recycling to replace rare resources like raw sand
  • Sustainable building solutions: Reuse of cement for new building material
12:05 Uhr


12:15 Uhr

Overview Recycling Technologies for Rotor Blades

  • Overview recycling technologies for rotor blades: Mechanical grinding - Pyrolysis - High voltage pulse fragmentation - Solvolysis - Fluidised bed
  • Pros and Cons of the different technologies
  • What to expect?
12:45 Uhr

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