Frank J. Kroll Managing Director bei neowa GmbH

Frank J. Kroll founded neowa GmbH in November 2014 as a further activity within a group of companies focused on environmental technology and runs it as the Managing Director.
In October 2012, he moved to this environmental group as Managing Director of Ferropan-Lamisan GmbH from his role as CEO of Triton Water AG.
As a Vice President of Siemens AG, he was previously responsible for the water business in Europe.
Frank J. Kroll has many years of experience as a manager in the international water and industry business, and as Managing Director and CEO/COO he was responsible for the successful outsourcing and sale of former Siemens company WABAG GmbH, Vienna. Also, in 2004 he led the acquisition of the North American USFilter group. During his time at Siemens AG, Frank J. Kroll was employed in various management functions in many parts of the world.

Stand 11.10.2021
Seminare mit diesem/r Referent/in
Wind turbine blades are challenging to recycle due to the composite materials used in their production. The wind industry is required to deal with this problem.
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