Mattia Cecchinato Policy Analyst and Advisor for climate and energy policies, wind energy and related strategies, Aviation Platform bei WindEurope asbl/vzw

Mattia Cecchinato is Policy Analyst for Offshore and Sustainability at WindEurope. He is responsible for offshore wind regulation, technology and planning, including on and offshore grid developments, multiple use of offshore wind farms and relations with other sectors (fishing, shipping, military, nature protection etc). Mattia coordinates WindEurope’s WG Offshore, the TF Aviation, and the Offshore Wind Ports Platform. Mattia has previous experience in public and private sectors as environmental technician, project assistant, scientific reviewer and environmental analyst.

Stand 23.09.2021
Seminare mit diesem/r Referent/in
Due to the projected expansion of wind farms and the increase in tower height, the wind industry is required to deal with the visual impact and concomitant issues of obstruction lighting for wind turbines.
WEB INT 21-81-01