Obstruction Lighting and ADLS for Wind Turbines

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Online | WEB INT 21-81-01


09:00 Uhr

Welcome and Introduction to the platform

09:05 Uhr

Introduction and Moderation

  • Carlo Reeker, Geschäftsführer, Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.
09:15 Uhr

Demand for Obstruction Lighting and ADLS for Wind Turbines across Europe: Overview

  • Legal framework - guidance and current standards for aviation safety, environmental impact and resident protection
  • Mattia Cecchinato, Policy Analyst and Advisor for climate and energy policies, wind energy and related strategies, Aviation Platform, WindEurope asbl/vzw
09:45 Uhr

Status of International Technical Standards for Obstruction Lighting and ADLS

  • Sam Johnson, Chair IEC committee to develop an international standard for marking and obstruction lights of wind energy convertors and wind farms; Aviation Manager and Project Technical Analyst UK & Ireland, RES Group (UK)
10:15 Uhr

Coffee break

10:30 Uhr

Moderation Podium

10:40 Uhr

UK Case study: CAP 764: Regulations and Variations of ADLS in the UK

10:55 Uhr

The Introduction of ADLS in The Netherlands

  • Robbert van den Heuvel, Senior Policy Advisor at the Civil Aviation Directorate, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
11:10 Uhr

Guidance for Obstruction Lighting and ADLS for Wind Turbines in France

  • Pierre Muller, President of the Technical Committee of France Energie Eolienne/President of RP Global France, France énergie éolienne (FEE)
11:25 Uhr

Case Study from Austria

11:40 Uhr

Discussion with the panelists

12:40 Uhr

Short and succinct: Our Exhibitors present themselves

12:50 Uhr

Quick Lunch

Practical Challenges in Projects and Experience with Approval Authorities - Lessons learned
13:20 Uhr

Use Case Secondary Radar System (Transponder): The experience of Neuengörs

  • Dr. Ferdinand Behrend, Advisor ICAO Visual Aids Working Group, Notified Body for ACLS Certification in Germany
13:40 Uhr

Use Case Primary Radar System: Radar Project Uckermark

14:00 Uhr

Use Case Passive Radar System: The experience of Wöhrden Reußenköge wind farms

  • Thorben Baudewig, Technischer Betriebsfüher Wind, Dirkshof / EED GmbH & Co. KG
Market Place: Insight into various Technologies for ADLS
14:20 Uhr

Passive Radar System

14:20 Uhr

Primary Radar System

14:20 Uhr

Secondary Radar System

16:00 Uhr

Closing Remarks

  • Carlo Reeker, Geschäftsführer, Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.
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